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Projects at ECA start with our Development Team. They are responsible for greenfield, brownfield, and landfill development of purchased or leased land. Each acquisition goes through preliminary due diligence, site walks, and an extensive entitlement process prior to the construction phase. Our solar developers focus on site acquisition, policy, and permitting, to ensure that projects are feasible.


Our Finance Team is responsible for the profitability of all of our projects. They work closely with our development team to ensure that projects will benefit each and every one of our customers. Our Sales and Finance Team works with large funds of operating assets through various financing mechanisms, including a lengthy bidding process for market-based capital.


The Engineering / EPC Team at ECA is made up of engineers with extensive experience in solar and storage EPC. The Team is responsible for all design optimizations to ensure the lowest risk and the highest yield possible. The Team works in tandem with Development and Finance to ensure that ECA can deploy the highest quality solar power and energy storage to the grid.

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