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Start earning revenue from your real estate with solar energy.

We have simple terms with guaranteed, long-term revenue. Be part of the renewable energy revolution with us.

Committing your land to a solar project is a big decision, and we’re here to help. A successful solar project means a secured source of revenue for you and your family. ECA Solar will be with you each step of the way - from permitting, to construction, to maintenance checks. You can guarantee that ECA will be involved in landscaping and system maintenance checks twice a year. We also have a continuous monitoring system and open communication with all of our landowners and customers, so you’ll never be left hanging. 


Follow these simple project development steps:

 1. Development stage: During this phase, ECA will be attaining the correct permits and contracts to be able to begin construction. Nothing changes with how you operate your land. Landowners can help accelerate this process by being active in community hearings and / or public meetings. ECA will be working with the local government / county to ensure correct zoning and permitting requirements are met. 

2. Construction stage: Once the project is permitted, your property will begin to be developed for solar use. Our contractors and construction team will work diligently to ensure your property is developed in a timely manner. Safety is our number one priority. We pride ourselves in solving problems on paper, prior to construction commencement. 


3. Operating stage: Upon construction completion, the project will become an operating ground mounted solar system. ECA will perform maintenance checks twice a year and will be available for all sorts of communication should the landowner have any inquiries. 

"Your electric bill costs will be reduced by 10-20% on average.”

“Landowners receive competitive rates per acre of land used for solar through high cumulative revenue payments.”

“Ground mounted solar is a great way to bypass roof issues."

 “You can contribute to making the switch to a carbon zero future.”

“Ground-mounted solar modules can be cleaned and serviced very easily. It offers greater control over solar module directions and angle. This means it’s easy to achieve optimal energy generation.”


Q: How much experience does ECA solar have?

 A: ECA Solar has developed solar in over 7 states and has over 6 million square feet of rooftop solar. We have hundreds of acres of ground - mounted solar development all over the country. We have years of experience developing rooftops and large fields of land for solar.

Q: Is my property good for solar?

A: Anywhere between 30-50 acres is needed for a commercial sized solar farm. It is important that the land is flat, dry, and has no easements or restrictions.

Q: What happens to the land under the panels?

 A: A grass meadow or pollinator meadow are typical methods ECA uses for plantings below the panels. There are also options to graze livestock or farm a low growing crop within the fenced area.

Q: How do I save money with Community Solar?

 A: Each month, your subscription to community solar will generate solar credits that are automatically applied to your monthly bill. This is shown as a negative line item on your bill and offsets your electricity bill each month. In some cases, you may receive the solar credit in a separate bill.

 Q: Who is responsible for operations and maintenance of the solar farm?

A: ECA Solar will be responsible for all operations and maintenance and any associated costs.

Q: Where does the energy go?

 A: The energy will be exported to the electric utility grid via existing power lines.

Q: How many years will the panels be on my property and what happens at the end of the term?

 A: A typical lease term will follow the state incentive programs which are for about 20-25 years. At the end of the term, the system will be decommissioned and the panels will be removed.

Q: Will I be able to see the solar array?

 A: Typically, the array is set back from public roads and property lines. The array will be surrounded by a fence and/or low growing trees and shrubs to shield it from view.

Q: How long will the installation take?

A: It can take anywhere between 6 and 18 months to obtain all permits and approvals from various agencies. Construction of the solar array will take approximately 6 months.

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