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ECA Solar develops, engineers, installs, and operates large scale solar facilities across the US. ECA Solar takes an institutional approach to the solar energy industry. Our goal is to deploy the highest quality of solar power and energy storage projects to diversify the electric grid, while remaining risk averse and prioritizing safety. We value diversity and creativity to achieve the common goal of making solar energy more accessible to everyone. We're proud to have developed hundreds of acres of ground - mounted solar and over 6 million square feet of rooftop solar in 7 states. 


Here at ECA, we are passionate about the environment. We strive to make a positive change by advancing the electric grid to be powered predominately by renewable energy. Renewable energy can help ensure a bright future for generations to come by combating climate change.

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ECA develops, designs, and constructs renewable energy systems. We develop ground mounted solar PV systems connected directly to distribution or transmission circuits, roofs, and carport mounted projects connected behind our customer's utility meters, and both DC coupled and stand alone energy storage systems.  

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Continuous improvement is embedded in our DNA at ECA Solar. Our world is continuously changing, and we are embracing that change. We have developed internal processes that ensure our customers are provided with high quality, clean energy producing assets that will stand the test of time.

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We value the relationships we keep with our customers and always look forward to shaking new hands. Our customers, landowners, and investors will tell you that working with ECA gives them a sense of security that projects will be done safely.  We follow local and state guidelines during project permitting to ensure ethically installed projects.  

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Moving into a dominant role in the energy mix requires a modernization of our current electrical infrastructure. Each project that we interconnect directly into the grid gets us one step closer to modernizing our electrical infrastructure.  ECA is excited about taking on this challenge to diversify the electric grid with renewable energy.

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Our Team at ECA has decades of experience with every aspect of developing, designing, and building renewable energy projects. This experience coupled with a passion for safeguarding the environment is what makes us special. We are confident that you will truly have an excellent experience working with ECA.

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"Solar has always been appealing to me and my company from an environmental standpoint. It wasn’t until ECA walked me through the incentive structures and liability considerations of installing solar that I realized the economic benefits are on par with those to the environment. I am proud to have solar on our roofs and am grateful to Todd and his team for making it happen."

- A. Herter, an ECA Customer

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